Francene Kaplan

Francene Kaplan


On a regular basis, using household percussion elements, I play with other people doing live improvisation performances at various venues and experimental sound and music events. My signature is using Bundt pans and a variety of pots, bowls, and sonic objects. When struck, these repurposed objects produce sounds ranging from melodic to chaotic. I had always thought of “art” as objects of magnificence. I got over that only recently… My sound / visual art is not generated for praise or recognition, but for the process of creation and entertainment value, including interactives that entertain others. Can “art” be completely free of judgment from others? Usually there is punishment from society if too far along the continuum. As a sound artist, I cannot help but whack on bowls, pots, lids, or dustpans and test them for their sonic abilities. Forks, telephone parts, and even espresso maker filter baskets produce wonderful tonal values. (A single sounds different than a double!). My art is the journey and enjoyment: the message I am expressing. Self-expression is very gratifying and good for the psyche.

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Francene Kaplan, a native Californian and desert lover, enjoys writing poems and short stories when not playing household percussion or creating weird mixed– media art. She has exhibited in various art and sound–art venues (most recent the Orange County Center for Contemporary Arts), and has been on Visiting with Huell Howser. She frequently is a guest performing experimental music with Phog Masheeen. Loves all things animal, vegetable, and mineral, reading / watching Sci Fi, and gardening. Francene is also a Land Steward for the Mojave Desert Land Trust/Joshua Tree National Park. Attaining far too much formal education, she thus shares tidbits of this knowledge to alternative high school and college students. She teaches science, psychology, and foods.

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