soundpedro 2022

((((ꓘɔɒᗺ ǝɔnυoꓭ))((Bounce BacK))))

April 9 – November 27, 2022

(extended soundpedro2022 on-site and online events)

We shifted, yet again, from the idea of “ear orientation” to that of “sound intake*.”
*The encounter of any mechanism, organic or synthetic, with sound waves.

BounceBack Buzzy
Mascot of Ceremonies
by Terry Braunstein

“In celebrating our 40 year anniversary, soundpedro helps us to support artists that don’t always get seen, or heard, locally. The chance to walk around this great campus and fall upon a new sound art installation around every corner draws crowds to the top of the hill each year. soundpedro has become a signature event here at Angels Gate Cultural Center, and we are excited to work with FLOOD to bring it back on campus in our 40th year!”
Amy Eriksen
Executive Director, Angels Gate Cultural Center

Learn more about all of the soundpedro2022 Artists HERE.

Gallery shows

April 9 – June 4

by Steven Speciale and his Loyola High School Students
Installation in the AGCC upstairs gallery, Building A

During the April 9 reception, the downstairs gallery featured:
Noise Jam; It’s a workshop. It’s a show. It’s a party.
by Kensaku Shinohara, Zaq Kenefick and more,
and the beginning of Betsy Lohrer Hall‘s project, Here Hear

More info on the Gallery shows HERE.

Through June 4
Here Hear by Betsy Lohrer Hall
A series of sound studies: a variety of sound-sensitive, site-interactive activities that took place in and around Angels Gate Cultural Center.

More info on the project HERE.

On-site Event

June 4, 7-10pm

Works placed throughout Angels Gate Cultural Center
Learn more about the On-site event HERE.

Performances and installations by:
Abacus, Akari Komura, Alex Hawthorn, Amabelle Aguiluz, Annette Heully, Ashton Phillips, Brandon Bollinger, Chris Brian Taylor, Clowns and Fetuses, Conchi Sanford, Dillon Bastan and Alina Kano, Dylan Ricards, east village caravanserai, Henry Delargy, Jeremy J. Quinn, Jeremy Rosenstock, Karena Massengill and Peter Wells, Karolina Lavergne, Katya Urban; Kensaku Shinohara with Amy Chao, Ben Rodgers, Brin Gordon, C. Bain, Caitlin Javech, Christine Gaffney, Dylan Marx, Maria Abrahamian, Paul Carter, Zaq Kenefick, Zekarias Thompson; Los Angeles Electroacoustic Ensemble (LAEE), M A Harms, María Alejandra Bulla, Martin Espino, Mathilda LaZelle, Michael A. Mersereau, Michael Rippens, Miser, Pablo Perez, Phoebe Barnum and Lowell Nickel, Roxanne Varzi, SaxVonix, Sound Scientists, soundShoppe; Steve Ellison, Richard Bugg, and Eric Dahlman; Susan Rawcliffe & Corrado Gong; SynthLab: Cameron Johnston & Clint Koehler, Cannibalistic Caterpillar, Jesse Nason, Putney Swope – Joseph Silva, Qrux, Rychard Cooper, Skyler King, Tobias Banks and José Solares, univac; Taylor Griffith, Terry Braunstein, Tim Feeney, Tim Maxeiner, Vav Vavrek, VavNet,, Wabi’Sloppy and more…

Soundscapes  by:
Akari Komura, Alexandros Hadjitimotheou, Andre Perim, C. Matthew Luther, Christina Ienni, Dani Lunn, Don’t Touch, Ethan Marks, Frederico Pessoa, Gordon Fung, Gregory Kramer, Jack Herscowitz, Julius Bucsis, Martha Riva Palacio Obón, pnl(a), Projector Party, Ricardo Tomasz, Steve Ashby, Vedran Mehinovic

Earmaginations [silent videos] by:
Akari Komura, C. Matthew Luther, Frederico Pessoa, Gordon Fung, Kat Cayton G, Kate Gorman, Michael Mersereau, Peter Christenson, Ricardo Tomasz

Note: All on-site visitors and artists abided by Angels Gate Cultural Center COVID Safety Protocols.
Details here:

Soundscapes & Earmaginations [silent videos]

Videos premiered online June 4

View full program on the Soundscapes & Earmaginations page

VBODOBV [sounding videos]

Video premiered online September 20

Videos by: Andre Perim, D A Ayer, Fer Feria, Jim Andrews, Mariah Anne Johnson, Michael Mersereau; Phog Masheeen, Almas Art Video; and Ricardo Tomasz.

UnƧightly [Sound Poetry]

Video premiered online November 18

Sound poems by: Aglaíze Damasceno, Dani Lunn, David Kendall, Jim Andrews, Leeqsol Mullein, Mystic Elevator, nostoppinganytime, ok nephew, and Shih-Lin Hung
View UnƧightly [Sound Poetry] 2022 HERE

End of season SONCLUSION

Video switched on November 27


ACE [Artist Curated Events]

September through November.

View all ACE 2022 programs HERE

Where We Go From Here & Performance For Two

by Amanda Maciel Antunes – Video premiered online September 4

Rebar Study & Tennis

by Jacob Wolff – Video premiered online September 12


by Amabelle Aguiluz
Sound performance took place at FLUX Art Space October 1

Air States

by Pablo Perez – Video premiered online October 8

Listening with my father

by Amy Melissa Reed – Video premiered online October 14

Military Mammals, Life Among the Conscripted Sealife

by Phog Masheeen – Video premiered online October 29

stream of (un)consciousness

by Gordon Fung and Ernest Strauhal – Video premiered online November 6

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