soundpedro2020schizophonia : Virtual Breakout During the Outbreak

June 6 – November 27, 2020

Due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, soundpedro looked and sounded a little different in 2020. As we were not able to present onsite at Angels Gate Cultural Center, we approached soundpedro 2020 artists to reimagine their proposed onsite performance/installation into either a virtual experience or as a virtual performance sample. We are pleased to present them virtually, here at

What is Schizophonia?
Schizophonia is a term coined by R. Murray Schafer to describe the splitting of an original sound and its electroacoustic reproduction. This concept comes from the invention of electroacoustic equipment for the transmission of sound, which meant that any sound could be recorded and sent anywhere around the world.”

schizophonia ARTISTS:
Alea Olivas + Llyn Stransky • Alex Braidwood • Andrew Mandinach • Angela Willcocks • Ashton S. Phillips • Augmented Medium • Bonnie Mitchell & Elainie Lillios • C. Matthew Luther • Chad Leaf • Clowns and Fetuses • Constantino Rizzuti (with Ernesto Orrico) • Cruel Diagonals • Daniel Corral • divinebrick • Ecca Echo • Electric Sound Bath • Ellen Warkentine and Michael Wysong • Erin Demastes • Flamboyant Hag • Gary Raymond • Henry Krusoe • i.a.bericochea • Inouk Demers • Jamie Mc • Jeremy Harbin • Jorge Espinosa • Karena Massengill • LA Electroacoustic Ensemble • Leather Circuit • Madu.Chino • Martin Espino • Memo Akten • Michael Arata • Michael Mersereau • Michael Raco-Rands • Miser • Mizz Conchi • nusik + MANSPLAINERTAINER • On Shore Flow • Phoebe Barnum & Turdmeister • Pile of Wires • Rachel Dickey • Scar3city • Sound Scientists • soundShoppe • SSWIII • Steven Speciale and his Loyola High School Students • SynthLab  (Cannibalistic Caterpillar, Faraday Cage, Jesse Nason, Kantor, Qrux, Rychard Cooper, and univac) • The Box of Boom • The Silverduckling • the2vvo • Tim Feeney • Vedran Mehinovic • Victor Acevedo • • Wild Don Lewis • WTCHCVLT • Young-Tseng • Yuri Bruscky

Learn more about soundpedro2020 Artists HERE

soundpedro2020schizophonia : Virtual Breakout During the Outbreak

(Credits: Videography/Drone footage: Anthony Puente / Soundtrack: On Shore Flow: Beach 1, and ambient sounds of Angels Gate Cultural Center)

June 6th
Virtual Breakout During the Outbreak event kick off.

soundpedro2020schizophonia Audio Livestream.

Over two hours of audio, provided by some participating soundpedro2020 artists.
It’s all about the listening.
Relive the entire audio livestream HERE.

Earmaginations 2020

Collection of silent videos by soundpedro2020 artists that addressed aurality.
View Earmaginations video program HERE.

Virtual BreakOut During the OutBreak Videos [VBODOBV]

During June, four dates, significant in the lives of artists, as well as moments, connected to aurality and/or sound art, were selected to feature videos, dealing with diverse themes and ideas, by soundpedro2020 artists.
View VBODOBV videos HERE.

June 11th: VBODOBV I dedicated to Ornette Coleman
June 17th: VBODOBV II dedicated to Phillips Pavilion (Le Corbusier, Iannis Xenakis, Edgard Varèse)
June 20th: VBODOBV III dedicated to Kurt Schwitters
June 24th: VBODOBV IV dedicated to Harry Partch

Online version of Young-Tseng’s
Bureau of Thanks

June 12th, 19th, 25th & 26th

CLICK HERE for details.

SynthLab Video Concert

Video premiered online June 27th

The kick-off to a regular event, inspired by their appearances since the 1st soundpedro
View the SynthLab Video Concert HERE


Premiered online July 12th – November 24th

A virtual tour of the installation sites in which soundpedro artists could not exhibit because of COVID-19.
Each chapter is dedicated to an artist or a moment that has influenced ear-oriented art.
Visit the soundpedro2020schizophonic SITE UNSEEN virtual site tour HERE

July 12th dedicated to Elsa Hildegard Baroness von Freytag-Loringhoven
August 12th dedicated to Sound Art Exhibitions (MoMA 1979 & 2013)
September 5th dedicated to John Cage
October 25th dedicated to Cathy Berberian
November 24th dedicated to Pauline Oliveros

Shuttle [audioscapes]

Video premiered online August 12th

A collection of audio soundscapes that were to be played on shuttle buses from overflow parking areas.
Experience Shuttle [audioscapes] HERE

UnƧightly Sound Poetry

Video premiered online November 3rd

In Celebration of Monstrosity! Happy Birthday, Godzilla! And Happy Election Day!
View UnƧightly video HERE

Echoes of Liquid Light

November 4th – November 30th (6 pm)

by Mizz Conchi
Video is available for viewing on YouTube
Or make an appointment to view in person, through November 30, 2020. All visitors will be required to wear a mask.

Hidden Instruments

Video premiered online November 24th

by Ellen Warkentine and Michael Wysong
Video is available for viewing on YouTube

November 27th

National Day of Listening : Thank You

soundpedro 2020 ended on November 27th, the National Day of Listening.

We celebrate over 100 artists and over 135 works that sounded out from June 6, 2020 to November 27th in soundpedro2020schizophonia : Virtual Breakout During the Outbreak.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who Participated in and Contributed to soundpedro 2020!
And Thank You for Listening!