soundpedro 2021

June 5 – November 27, 2021

With continuing COVID-19 restrictions, soundpedro was not presented onsite at Angels Gate Cultural Center in June.

soundpedro2021 is built upon the new covid-responsive infrastructure created for soundpedro2020, providing an expanded range of works and number of events. 

Mascot of Ceremonies
by Terry Braunstein

Abigail Johnson • Aglaíze Damasceno • Ahmet Arslan • Akari Komura • Alex Braidwood • Alexia Benson • Andre Perim • Andrew Dyet • Andrew Mandinach • Angel Alvarado • Anna Ursyn and Stuart Smith • Ashton S. Phillips • BGSU Art Animation FX Collective (Ally Henlein • Chase Forney • Colleen Violanti • Felix Bangert • Nigel Jackson • and Noah Diehl) • Bonnie Mitchell • BLACK HOLE • Black Masheeen • Black Silk • BlackSunHighDesert • Brandon Bollinger • C. Matthew Luther • Ching Ching Cheng • Chris Mandra • Connor James Hanlon • D A Ayer • Daniel Corral • David L Byrne • Deb Diehl • Dillon Skyles • Dylan Ricards and Charles XXV • Eric Lennartson • Farrah Emami • Flamboyant Hag • FNORD! • Frederico Pessoa • Heather Williamson • Henry + Christenson • Henry Delargy • Henry • Ivan Cordeiro • Henry Krusoe • Jackson Corbett Dillon and Mark x Farina • Jay Afrisando • Jeff Jacoby • Joelle Estelle Mendoza • Jose Trejo-Maya • Joshua Elza Breen-Tucci • Joshua Legallienne • Julius Bucsis • Kali Sahu • Karena Massengill • Los Angeles Electroacoustic Ensemble • Lucinda Trask & Sasha Mandel • mansplainertainer & the graphettes • Margo Harms • María Alejandra Bulla • Martin Espino • Michael Mersereau • Miron Tee • Miser • Mizz Conchi • Morgan Ray • Negro Cat • Phoebe Barnum & Beth Elliot & Turdmeister (BET QU) • phog masheeen • Reuben Merringer • Ricardo Tomasz • Richard Bugg • Rogerio Jardim • Severin Behnen and Hunter Ochs • soundShoppe • Steve Ellison and Eric Dahlman • Sumio Kobayashi • Synthlab (Alex Miller, Cameron Johnston, Cannibalistic Caterpillar, Christina Wilson, Faraday Cage, Jesse Nason, Loren Nerell, Ocular Bats – Tobias Banks, Putney Swope – Joseph Silva, Qrux, Rychard Cooper, univac) • Terry Braunstein • the2vvo (Lena Pozdnyakova and Eldar Tagi) • Tim Feeney • Tim Gaze • Vanessa Guerra • Vav Vavrek • VavNet • Vedran Mehinovic • Wabi’Sloppy • • XIOUPING • Ystalost

Learn more about the soundpedro2021 Artists HERE


An Evening of Audioscapes

Video premiered online June 5th

Online video stream of sound compositions: soundpedro artists’ Audioscapes, and SynthLab Audio+Video concert.
View full program on the soundpedro2021 Virtual Kick-Off EVENT PAGE.

Earmaginations [silent videos]

Video premiered onlineJuly 12th

New and Retrospective videos premiered.
View full program on the soundpedro2021 Earmaginations EVENT PAGE

VBODOBV [sounding videos]

Videos premiered online
July 28th: dEvolution | Au Naturel
August 5th: dEvolution | Personnel
August 11th: dEvolution | Tech-Knell

View full program on the soundpedro2021 VBODOBV EVENT PAGE

UnƧightly [Sound Poetry]

Video premiered online November 18th

Videos & Audio premiered of a juried selection of sound poems, from classic recitation to speecherly encryption, by soundpedro artists.
sound poetry radio & video A special program of sound poetry presentations curated by and featuring Tim Gaze.
View full program on the UnƧightly EVENT PAGE


Video premiered online November 26th, National Day of Listening.
View video on the sonclusion page

ACE [Artist Curated Events]

Artist PopUps during October and November.

View full program on the soundpedro2021 ACE EVENT PAGE

When You Speak I Will Listen

A site specific work by Richard Bugg – Installation at at Korean Bell, October 9th

Untitled Conversations in Darkness

by Andrew Mandinach & Farrah Emami – Video premiered online October 14th

Noisy Letters 2013-2020

by Heather Williamson – Video premiered online October 24th

Dark Waters

With Fnord, WikiGong and phog masheeen – Video premiered online October 27th

Caught in a Wormhole

A collaborative installation by VavNet – Installation at Flux Art Space, October 22nd – 30th


Presented by University of Redlands Opera and Long Beach East Village Caravanserai – Video premiered online November 3rd


by Martin Espino – Video premiered online November 12th

Mechanism for Actualizing Speculative Soundscapes (MASS) – Live NatureSound Experiments

by Alex Braidwood – Presented November 19th

The Unsuspecting Trees

by Severin Behnen and Hunter Ochs – Video premiered online November 22nd

We looked forward to returning to Angels Gate Cultural Center for a full onsite event in 2022!