Lowel Nickel

Lowell Nickel


“A tree falls the way it leans. Be careful which way you lean” ~ The Lorax

The industrial sounds of this working Los Angeles port does vary and waver. Very often the intrepid sea winds seem to carry that entire port clamor to an unknown elsewhere. This prevailing ocean blown air compresses as it finds its way over the landscape and through the trees… yielding background sounds that freely circulates. By inspection, some of the Points matured trees have a browbeaten bark and ever telling tilt.

Living life out here on Point Fermin the calms and silent times do not go unnoticed. Both natural and manufactured sounds will carry like an invariable turbulence. Sirens of a terminal traffic, harbor and road, commonly echo to compete with the allure of Pacific Ocean. This local is a place, the point and also the end of the road.

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Exibiting visual artist and arts educator.

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