Circumstances (etude#2) is an installation that takes a form of a responsive noise sculpture situated within a space. Audience is both observing and influencing the behavior of the sculpture’s fragile form correspondingly affecting the sound output.

This piece is second in a series of sound studies related to material behavior and causality of environment in the shape and behavior of the artwork. The idea behind is deeply routed in the2vvo’s personal experience and triggered by the undergoing drastic transitions from Kazakhstan to Germany to Los Angeles in the recent years and personally observing how a simple change facilitates a chain of events that form the overall state of existence. With this series they are aiming to set this “circumstances” to regular objects and are particularly interested in how the surrounding reshapes individuality.

In terms of artistic expression and actual sculpture it would be important to outline that while the concept for the Etude#1 was mostly built on physical touch as a trigger for change of the soundscape, for the Etude#2 the2vvo’s aspire to create the pattern of movement that would change the surface of the sculpture autonomously from the the audience touching the object.

Rhythm, hence soundscape changes due to information sent by the trigger (either photocell, change of surface pattern or physical touch of the sculpture).

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the2vvo (pronounced “the zwo” = “two” in German) is a sound and visual duo formed in 2014 in Almaty, Kazakhstan and currently based in Los Angeles, Ca comprised of Eldar Tagi (sound artist) and Lena Pozdnyakova (architect). Coming from different disciplines, artists share unbounded love for exploration in terms of spatial approaches and experiments within the field of sound art. Results of these studies are often expressed in temporary installations that are interactive and sound-centric. We explore and study the juxtaposition of public vs private in the context of space and sound. Inspired by improvisation, it is of great interest to the2vvo the changing and morphing nature of art work and audience behavior induced feedback systems. Work on sound art projects (be it experimental audio-visual live sets, or installations) also allows them to reflect on the surrounding environment and express our socio-cultural and political position. the2vvo are interested in people, hence they find joy in creating and curating various art community driven events. This has been a successful vehicle for opening a multilateral dialogue about intercultural relations on a broader scale, where sound and architecture tend to merge with other disciplines in the hands of community.

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