PARTICIPATION catalogs the sounds of large public structures for creative purposes, including the creation of new virtual instruments.

Our tools and technical skills enable sound capture from the built environment, and our process supports composition and performance using that sound. Documenting process and publishing sounds, timbres, and compositions invites others to participate and offers a reusable model, echoing the public nature of the source megastructures.

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Dave Ayer
Dave built his first virtual instruments at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL, where he earned an MFA in Sculpture in 1987. He launched the web site in July 2009. Investigation of long-distance live performance and rehearsal technologies, and a belief that any advanced and compassionate civilization will treat free, ubiquitous, high-speed data communications as an essential right, inspire his telecommunications career.

Jacob Dickinson
Jacob’s photography and printmaking inform his contributions to and He is CTO of Eco Sphere Sciences, an environmental start-up; and an IT consultant.

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