Kristen Miologos

Kristen Miologos


Sonic Textile is a piece where Kristen utilizes a theremin to sonically document my hand motions while she knits. She then takes a looping pedal and layers the sounds she is creating while she continues to add more rows to her knitting. Over time, the sound grows as the knitting grows. Individual notes become difficult to decipher, and the sound becomes solid — blanketing the audience in the process.

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Kristen Miologos is a Phoenix-based artist and educator who seeks out the emotional liminal space of her hyphenated Greek-American identity through the production of objects, performance, and sound. Kristen holds an MFA in Fiber from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BFA in Fibers from Arizona State University. Most recently, Kristen has performed durational sound pieces at Phoenix Art Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson. Kristen is currently adjunct art faculty at Estrella Mountain Community College, and is the studio manager to internationally recognized artist Angela Ellsworth.

Artist Location: Phoenix, AZ

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