Made Mad

Reflective material sits on a rotating motor, hung from the ceiling. The motor rotates the film in a continuous motion – like the motion of a conveyer belt. A light source will shine on the film while it moves, creating a beautiful projection/reflection. This piece will be coupled with recorded sounds of friction between metal, both raw recordings and some altered w/ a synthesizer. 

The projected reflection will show tension, pulling and stretching which is a representative of the human condition and its perception of reality of what is, or isn’t.

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Matthew Dumpit is a Filipino-American artist currently working and living in Los Angeles. He received his BFA in Metals from the California State University of Long Beach. His most recent and current exhibition opened in November 2018 at Art N Shelter (Tokyo, Japan). Matthew showcases an intricate range of metal kinetic light sculptures, as well as mechanical wire sculptures. He hopes his work evolves deep feelings and brings tranquility in the same breath.

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