Michael Arata

Michael Arata


Popped message mule

100 balloons with inserted written messages. Messages can be covert and/or social political. Sound component: Balloons must be popped to retrieve a message. The sound is generated by releasing pressurized air. The delivery method references covert communication as well as drug dealing. Meth and heroin doses are dispensed in balloons. Popped balloons can be perceived an clandestine communication, overdose or emotional release. Nationally we are in the midst of an opioid epidemic.

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Michael Arata‘s work is contentual/contentualism ranging from figurative to abstraction and interactive dotting a lot of “I”s and crossing T”s on the side. The art work Michael produces usually has an initially pleasant visual impact that is generally used as an entry point to reveal a deeper concern, often relating to fashion, sex, religion, politics, and social commentary and personal experiences. Generally these issues are gleaned from public news venues or sometimes from the mail that is delivered by the US postal service, in turn the mail can become the physical material used for an objects fabrication.

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