Steven Speciale

Steven Speciale and his Loyola High School Students


Turntable Circus

Presenting 30 Loyola High School Music Appreciation students with their projects.

In the manner of John Cage’s Musicircus, we will install and perform sound art around the theme of records and turntables.

Students will perform abstract turntablism pieces throughout the evening.

Surrounding and defining the performance space will be at least four individually amplified turntables, each with boxes of regular and “prepared records” created by the students. Guests may select a record and play it on a turntable. Record preparations include all manner of physical alterations and even cutting and reassembling discs. The records will be sounding simultaneously. Sonically-reactive projections will accompany the presentations.

Students will lead guests in a performance of Christian Marclay’s “Record Players.” Guests will get two records and be led in all manner of noise-making with the discs culminating in the breaking of the records.

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Steven Speciale teaches music at Loyola High School of Los Angeles where he is also the Choir Director and Music Director for Hannon Theatre. Steven was named one of eleven international Art21 Educators for the 2018-2019 academic year. Trained as a pianist, Steven also composes for the theatre having scored seven plays and adapted/arranged Jazz era standards into a new musical called “Handsome Devil” which received its World Premiere this past May. Steven’s Music Appreciation students have been creating and exhibiting sound art projects since 2007.

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