Susan Rawcliffe

Susan Rawcliffe


Sound Touchings: Didjeridus

Maximum 10 for each didjeridu visceral experience.
When I wanted more low tones in my life, I learned to play the didjeridu. I’ve performed widely on my adjustable, light weight instrument, including the creation of several performance didjeridu/dance pieces. At SoundPedro 2019, we will sit in a circle & participants will be introduced to the various sounds of a didjeridu, including being asked to chant and listen to vowel sounds. I’ll then play again around the circle and then spin slowly while playing to spread the didjeridu sound out above the heads of participants, and directing various howls & barks to the 4 corners. For those that wish to experience the vibration directly, I’ll walk around the outside of the circle and play it into willing backs. 

Up to 20 people for each NEON DIDJERIDU experience.
This instrument is unique and was made by Larry Albright; it’s double walled test tube glass 6’ tall plasma display with krypton gas inside. The display is blue/white lightening with green around finger tips where touched, and it smells of ozone. I’ll open my studio and play it for a limited number of people. After playing, I’ll leave it turned on for a limited time period so that participants can touch it, feel the electricity, & watch the display move to each finger tip. 

There will be a scheduling sign up sheet on the door.

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The sounds of archaic musical instruments resonate deep in Ms. Rawcliffe’s psyche; some are raw, like animals, like grief; others evoke human voices singing or crying; sometimes, strange tones buzz inside the head. Through constructing and evolving her own versions, she strives to bring the ancient sounds back to life. These ancient instruments were shamanic tools for transformation used in ceremonies, and it’s this end of the equation that is seeking now to be born in her work.

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