Ellen Warkentine and Michael Wysong

Ellen Warkentine and Michael Wysong


Hidden Instruments
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Hidden Instruments is a collection of word scores by LN-M (Ellen Warkentine and Michael Wysong) inspired by Pauline Oliveros, Yoko Ono, and Fluxus. These pieces are meditations and imaginary songs to perform alone or with others, right here or far far away. 

These are experiments in the orchestration of a being, of a body; of beings and bodies together across time and space. The exchange of ideas as music. Consciousness as music. The score is life. The song is you.

Thank you to our generous collaborators.

Observe; Khoa Ha
Neighbor Piece; Veronica Kent & Sean Peoples
Breathe; Ashley Allen
Rest Piece 2 (for string instrument); Jesse Carzello
Future Piece; Ellen Warkentine
Surrender; Ashley Allen
The Ocean of Pure Consciousness; Pauline Lay
Concerto for Amazon Cart (Cartcerto in A); Chris Schlarb
Clapping Piece; Ellen Warkentine, Danielle Kaufman, Maura Cotter, Christina Vasquez, Maya Gingery
Remember; Ashley Allen
Memory Piece 3; Michael Wysong
Move; Ashley Allen
Map Piece 1; Danielle Kaufman and Steve Marquette
Listen; Ashley Allen
Telepathic Zoom Tuning Piece (For Pauline Oliveros); Danielle Kaufman, Ellen Warkentine, George Madrid, Alyssandra Nighswonger
Meditation 2; Kris “NatureboyRD” Jackson
Conversation Piece; Darren Dela Cruz
Observe; Ashley Allen
Notice Your Mind; shea M gauer
Meditation 1; Jeremy Brock
Resonate; Ashley Allen
Meditation 7; Alex Sadnik
Connect; Ashley Allen
Conversation Piece; Laura Meyer & Jasper Oliver
Perform; Ashley Allen
Future Piece; Davin Givhan
Dream; Ashley Allen
Breathe; Bryan Schnelle
Future Piece, Alanah Ntzouras
Play; Ashley Allen
(Re)Invention Piece; Ellen Warkentine, Danielle Kaufman, Alyssandra Nighswonger, George Madrid

Please visit hiddeninstruments.com to be part of this ongoing experiment. 

“Through attention and curiosity, we can suspend our tendency toward instrumental understanding—seeing things or people one-dimensionally as the products of their functions—and instead sit with the unfathomable fact of their existence, which opens up toward us but can never be fully grasped or known.”
― Jenny Odell, How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2020:
Piece for Military Base

In the spirit of fluxus, we propose a piece to be played on the site of Fort MacArthur as instrument. We will create simple placards displaying event scores in multiple places throughout the site to be performed by attendees of the event. 

The intention of each event score would be to direct the attention of the performer to the present moment, internally and externally. These pieces would be a set of directions particular to the space, invoking a memory, a sound, and/or an action or interaction between the attendee/performer and the space and persons around them. These simple and whimsical poetic actions and performances are all for the purpose of creating peaceful, expansive exchanges and connections between performers and the environment.

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Ellen Warkentine is an interdisciplinary music and theatre artist. She co-creates experiences that are sublime and absurd and chaotic and ecstatic. She is co-creator of absurd opera LOLPERA and collaborator with award-winning Four Larks Theatre. Interests include sacred vaudeville, reverent irreverence, and paradox-holding. Her favorite word is Gesamtkunstwerk. 

Michael Wysong is an interdisciplinary art, design and sound artist. His current work includes cryptogram design, 3D computer graphics and sound poems. He’s interested in geometric and mathematical systems, pattern making and the secret drawer inside the puzzle box.

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA

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