Michael Mersereau


Earmaginations [silent videos]

The Paradist: Decapitation

The Paradist: Undercurrent 

My installations, sounds, and videos investigate the absurdities and tragedies of characters developed and performed with me as an actor, director and composer. My latests character, the Paradist, is the ultimate tourist, a colonizing tiki bar terrorist searching for untouched beauty to take leisure from the chaos of the world. Unable to recognize the world around him, he sacrifices his and other lives for the simulation of genuine experiences in a paradise lost. Coming into conflict with his double, triple, and multiple selves, he begins to struggle for the vacation fantasy torn from him in uncertain times.

UnƧightly Sound Poetry


Inland Empire

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Michael Mersereau (b. 1977) is a media and sound artist based in Oakland, California and Montreal, Canada. Mersereau’s work has been exhibited at institutions and galleries both nationally and internationally such as Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca in Ciudad de Oaxaca, The Diego Rivera Anahuacali Museum in Mexico City, and Maison de la Culture Claude Léveillée in Montreal. Mersereau is faculty at Mills College, and holds an MFA from Mills College and BFA from California College of the Arts.

Artist Location: Oakland, California

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