Virtual Breakout During the Outbreak June 6th Livestream

soundShoppe 5-25-2020 mix

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2020:
soundShoppe Ensemble

We propose to form a sound orchestra, consisting of 9 musicians. Instruments will include circuit bent/homemade devices, accordions, bowed instruments, modular synthesizers, acoustic objects that make sounds (such as long reeds whipped into the air), gongs, percussion objects, voice, drones, guitars, whistles and other indescribable objects. Sound will range from quiet to loud, from drones & clicks to static.

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soundShoppe is a FREE, monthly, unstructured sound workshop/noise jam for experimental musicians and sound artists presented at the Center for the Arts Eagle Rock. All are welcome to join–from experienced musicians to novices. The ongoing sessions are led by Joe Potts, founding member of LAFMS (Los Angeles Free Music Society).

Artist Location: Los Angeles County, CA

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