Victor Acevedo

Victor Acevedo


Terabyte Psychedelics: Hookah Live @ Cafe NELA 2015 v4

This soundscape is an excerpt from a live-improvisational performance by the band called Hookah @ Cafe NELA on November 6, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.
It became the soundtrack for a visual music video by digital artist / video director Victor Acevedo. The piece is entitled Terabyte Psychedelics and this musical excerpt now bears the same name. On the night of its inception @ Café NELA, Hookah had invited Acevedo to augment their musical explorations with real-time video projections. Building on the AV recordings made at the gig, Acevedo later produced a stand-alone video work.

Hookah is a psychedelic band from Los Angeles formed in 2004. Currently, it consists of members: Russel Chaput- guitar, tape loop effects (Anemone, Skylarks) Dave Foster-Theremin, guitar (Extra Fancy, Nudist Priest, Charmkin Rebellion, Clark, Sweet and Cruel) John Mortl-synthesizers (Math Band, Clark) Warde Randall-synthesizers ( Cat Museum, Math Band, Clark, Sweet and Cruel) Hookah sees its enigmatic role in modern culture as a way to revisit and re-imagine ritual through improvisational sonic/visual performances.

Some Background:
Acevedo: I first met the founding members of Hookah, Warde Randall and Jon Mortl about 33 years ago. This was a few weeks before we collaborated on our first live audio-visual [AV] public performance as part of their two-person gallery exhibition that opened at California State University, Los Angeles on September 30, 1987. At that time they were called the Math Band. The performance took place just a few hours before the October 1, 1987 Whittier Narrows earthquake which hit parts of Southern California pretty hard the following morning. The haunting shamanistic audio-visual improvisational performance has become known in retrospect as “The Earthquake Jam.”
For this CSLA performance: Acevedo provided the visuals in the form of projected 35mm slides of his recent computer graphic artwork and he also projected a looped animation of Mandelbrot Set fractals by his friend John Adamczyk, later to be known as J-Walt. Also on this evening, guitarist extraordinaires, Joe Baiza and Walt Menetrey shared the stage with Warde and Jon. The Math Band was the seminal unit that grew into Hookah, in the ensuing years

Acevedo + J3m5 @ LACDA May 25, 2019

‘Acevedo + J3m5 @ LACDA May 25, 2019’ is an excerpt from a LIVE Electronic Visual Music (EVM) performance at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art on May 25, 2019
Victor Acevedo: Visuals
James Allen (J3m5): Modular Synthesis
The visuals were re-assembled from the original clips projected on the night.
Directed by Victor Acevedo
Produced in association with the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2020:
Terabyte Psychedelics: Hookah Live @ Cafe NELA 2015 v4

This video directed by Victor Acevedo features a 3-minute excerpt of the band Hookah’s live improvisational performance on November 6, 2015 @ Cafe NELA in Los Angeles, CA. It became the soundtrack and platform for an abstract and hallucinogenic audio-visual dreamscape. Hookah had invited him to augment their musical explorations with real-time video projections behind the band. 

Building on the AV recordings made at the gig, Acevedo later produced this stand-alone visual music work.
Hookah personnel: Russel Chaput- guitar, tape loop effects;
Dave Foster-Theremin, guitar; John Mortl-synthesizers; Warde Randall-synthesizers

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Victor Acevedo is an artist best known for his digital work involving printmaking and photography. However, since 2007 his primary focus has been working with video and producing visual music works.

Acevedo is considered a desktop computer art pioneer as he was an early adopter of computers to create fine art in the early 1980s. He has shown his work in over 128 exhibitions since 1982.

Focused and forward looking, Acevedo’s work while charged with a consistent and vital voice has evolved in-step with the technological and cultural evolution of his generation, as he whole-heartedly embraced the new tools and the language of digital art.

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA

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