Andre Perim


June 5th Audioscapes


Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2021:
COAGULATION is an electroacustic stereo composition based on the process of Alchemy.
It is stated as the seventh and last stage of Alchemy (Calcination. Dissolution.Separation.Conjunction.Fermentation.Distillation.Coagulation)
The original composition was produced from March to May 2020 and it is 7 minutes long.
A shorter version was produced to be presented in soundpedro.
“Coagulation” received in 2020 a award by the site the site Sound-Silence Thought.

INFOTOXICATION is originally an audio-visual work and was presented in several festivals around the world. For SoundPedro, a audio version was produced, opening new possibilities for the understanding of the work.
INFOTOXICATION, Infobesity or Information Overload is a concept that describes a state of paralyzation caused by the excess of data. An spoken language was created through artificial means (Voice Generator, Vocoder, Audio manipulation) and presented in a vertiginous pace to create an atmosphere of chaos and claustrophobia. 

As a video work it was screened in the New Wave Movie Festival (Hong Kong), Loading Festival Day (Portugal), Refluxo Festival (Brazil), Digital Art Festival (Bulgaria), and Video-Art Forum (Saudi-Arabia), Malabo Film and Music Festival (Guinea)- All in 2019, Switch Festival (Netherlands), Toxicity symposium at the Chitkara Art and Design School (India), 6th International Exhibition on New Media Art 2020 CICA Museum (South Korea).

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Andre Perim is a musician, composer, sound and multimedia artist from Brazil. His work is based on several unique influences ranging from the sacred tradition of the Afro-Brazilian Rhythms to electronic elements inspired by ambient , psychedelia and concrete music.

Artist Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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