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Particle Journeys: 6 works that explore experimental audio visual experiences

Thalassophobia – Ally Henlein
– Felix Bangert
Sinking, But Oh So Slowly.
– Nigel Jackson
– Noah Deihl
– Chase Forney
– Colleen Violanti

Particle Journeys investigates the concept of transformation and experience. The artists involved, explored how sound and visuals are able to conceptually portray physical, mental or emotional journeys. When experiencing new places, thoughts or feelings, people often undergo conscious and subconscious transformations. The artists each developed their own soundscapes and produced visuals using 3D computer particle systems to reflect the essence of their journeys. Through the use of art and design, as well as audio elements and principles, these pieces connect the concept of lived experience to the essence of transformative moments in life. Overall, these non-narrative audiovisual experiences aim to take the listener/viewer on a unique personal journey into the unknown with the hopes that they never return back home unchanged.

Artist Bios:

Ally Henlein is an animator & digital artist working in both 2D and 3D animation. She loves to tell stories through her artwork that audiences can emotionally connect with. As a recent graduate of Bowling Green State University, she aspires to have a career in feature animation or video game cinematics.

Chase Forney is a 3D animator and modeler studying Digital Art at Bowling Green State University. Through his work, he enjoys visualizing sound and music as well as telling stories through comedy. Upon graduation, his goal is to work in indie game development.

Felix Bangert is a soon-to-be 4th year Digital Arts student at BGSU. He works primarily in 2D Animation, but ventures into 3D, music, filmmaking, and photography. In his work, there is a large emphasis on the use of color and the portrayal of emotions. Felix has a love for the Collaborative side of the Arts and hopes to be a director of Animated Films and TV shows in the future.

Nigel Jackson is a digital artist who is interested in the social and political world of today and sound has become one of the many tools he uses to drive his ideas. The sound in his animations use atmospheric elements that take the viewer on a journey with the artist. Nigel is a resident of Cleveland, Ohio and a recent graduate of Bowling Green State University.

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The BGSU Art Animation FX collective is a group of students taught by Bonnie Mitchell at Bowling Green State University in the Digital Arts Division. These students are junior and seniors focusing on computer animation. Students include: Ally Henlein, Chase Forney, Colleen Violanti, Felix Bangert, Nigel Jackson, and Noah Diehl.

Artist Location: Bowling Green, Ohio

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