June 5th Audioscapes

Kleinen Klänge (Inspired by Rolf Julius)
German for “small sound”, this composition was inspired by sound artist legend Rolf Julius. His work, ‘Ash’ installed at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh was a transformative epiphany that was sorely needed in my life.

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2021:
Kleinen Klänge (Inspired by Rolf Julius)

Noisy Angels of San Vicente
The San Vicente creek meanders through Silver City, a small town in southwest New Mexico. On the edge of town is an area that has seen various forms of 1800’s era mining activity, a railroad station, Chinese gardens, Apache watering hole, and a garbage dump. The water ceremoniously etches its path during monsoon season and extended periods of drought. Life gathers along its banks as it has throughout time. The ecstatic moments of interplay are complex, encompassing conflict, joy, relief, and hope, all familiar and welcome in the high desert climate. 

This proposal includes an installation/performance featuring field recordings, handmade instruments, found sounds, and tones in a composition that allegorically captures a cross-section of humanity along with their real and imagined histories. Sculptural elements of the installation used in the sound design as well as multiple sound sources will be used to create an immersive experience.

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Kevin Lenkner (b. Pittsburgh, PA) grew up in York, PA, rooted between Amish country and the battlefields of Gettysburg. A fellowship led Lenkner to Northern New Mexico to attend a Deep Listening Retreat guided by Pauline Oliveros. In a short time, he relocated to Silver City, New Mexico to lead the Mimbres Region Arts Council. After spending 25 years in arts administration, Lenkner is now focused on developing his own artistic practice, creating and performing under the BlackSunHighDesert moniker.

Artist Location: Silver City, New Mexico

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