Dillon and Skyles


VBODOBV | dEvolution: Au Naturel

Overlay, Overtime

This work was made during lockdown in our living room. Over the past years Dillon had collected video footage, while traveling near and far, from the back yard to the national forest to abroad. The over the years the footage was organized into folders, “dirt,” “forest,” “for piano.” Skyles improvised the piano in response to a live edit of the footage, which Dillon also sonified on the spot. The edit came months later after the pandemic air began to clear. What remained was this sensory act of grasping, remaining connected to the folds of the earth, and time in the grass.

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Combining their efforts, Dillon and Skyles produce hybrid media forms coming out of their various professional practices, ranging from (Dillon) fine art, filmmaking, and commercial advertising, to (Skyles) sound engineering, record producing, and composing. 

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