Margo Harms

Margo Harms


June 5th Audioscapes

The Sound of Cycling

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2021:
The Sound of Cycling
I will provide laminated copies of my score, Cycling, as well as various pieces of scrap metal, wood, rocks, cans, bottles, and newspaper for creating sound. I will also be bringing multiple carpets and 6-8 chairs as well as other living room furnishings to create an artificial living room space. These objects will all be set up in a circle so that patrons of Sound Pedro can walk up to the site, pick up a score, and respond to any movement of Cycling that they see fit with the materials that I have provided. Similarly to a drum circle or AA meeting, people will have the opportunity to come in and voice their experiences of grief from the past year+ in an effort to heal through community. These “rules” will be posted, along with the notes in the score that are attached separately.

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Margo Harms is a Los Angeles based composer and performer who is currently exploring the intersections between grief, gender, and sex through a combination of text and sound. They are a firm believer that sound and visual aesthetic are equally significant within performance, and because of this, performance art is rapidly becoming a major component of their work. Margo’s focus is on navigating literal stories and personal life events via sound practice, obscuring them to the point that they begin to bridge the gap between individual and “universal” experiences.

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