Mizz Conchi

Mizz Conchi


soundpedro 2021 participation: N/A

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2021:
Golden Conch (sounds of silence)
Based off the Golden Ratio and inspired by Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty, Confessional Part VII, Golden Conch, is an intimate interactive sculpture that invites you to participate by stepping inside, either alone or with a partner and contribute your confessions.

In order for the piece to come full circle, I invite you, the viewer, to become part of the piece itself, encouraging you to set aside time for self-reflection and contemplation, anonymously or actively as a participant. The experience attempts to engage, challenge and inspire you to view confession in a new light.

As viewers enter the piece the lights inside will turn on and illuminate the piece. Viewers will speak to each other through a tube provided.

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Artist, Curator, Professor of Art and Art History; Mizz Conchi’s work reflects her lifetime exposure to cultural diversity and embodies her response to her bi-national upbringing. Reflecting her cultural hybridity and community, Mizz Conchi contemplates her upbringing on a Panama Air Force Base, the US and Madrid. Her work is infused by her training as painter, blacksmith and craft designer, along with her artistic beginnings influenced by her mother as an immigrant and artist. Her work focuses on an array of advocacy issues that spawn from her own personal experiences.

Artist Location: Chino, CA

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