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Richard Bugg


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When You Speak I Will Listen

October 9th – “When You Speak I Will Listen” Site specific work for AltaSea 2021 Blue Hour: Ocean of Inclusion at the Korean Bell of Friendship, San Pedro.

The sound of the Korean Bell of Friendship symbolizes the connection of two peoples and their desire to share a bond of friendship and cooperation.

When struck, the sound expands and envelopes us as we hear the shifting modal vibrations fade in and out. It was crafted to produce tones to support contemplation and reflection on our relationship with each other and our place in the universe.

Our ears listen to sound traveling through the air, but sound also travels through water. This composition uses the sound of the bell as a starting point and echos back a translation of how it would sound underwater. It is then manipulated in time and intensity mirroring the diffractions that would occur encountering the currents that run throughout the ocean.

Listen to these new sounds from the bell and contemplate how we can bond with the ocean in cooperation and friendship for the betterment of all.

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Richard Bugg is a composer, performer, and sound designer.

As founder in 1975 of the synthesizer ensemble “Cosmic Debris,” he modified, designed, and built modular systems focused on live performance of improvised based electronic music expanding it beyond the recording studio. This lead to commissions for compositions and performances with several Modern Dance Ensembles as well as work in independent film and television.

His current work includes system design and control integration for immersive sound in live theatre as well as exploration of “Active Listening,” using interactive methods to blur the boundaries between performers and listeners.

The first Cosmic Debris albums are expected to be re-released in 2022.

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