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Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2021:
An excerpt from my ambient/experimental track, wormhole blues, with the Red/Green snake version of the visualizations. This 3min segment is from the middle of a 34 minute piece selected especially for soundpedro 2021. This audio piece was created with a Comdyna GP-6 analog computer patched to run a simple simulation of the gravitational spiral of a blackhole on an oscilloscope. The audio was recorded by splitting the x-coordinate cable and connecting it to an audio interface and recording some live manipulations of the control knobs of the analog computer which step through the differential equations possible solutions. I took these recordings and manipulated them with Audacity and Adobe Audition to produce the full Wormhole Blues track. The visuals were created by screen capturing a software oscilloscope displaying the audio and layering multiple captures in Adobe Premiere to produce the complicated multicolored patterns.

Red Snake Wormhole Blues
It is a minimalist composition with a video made from using the shape of the soundwaves. It is created with some edited session recordings of Vav performing with an analog computer running a patch which creates a simulation of a wormhole-like object. This computer is a Comdyna GP-6, electronic waste from a bygone era of electrical engineering principles taught with circuits instead of simulations. Vav splits the X/Y outputs to the the oscillscope from the GP-6 and splices X into the left channel and Y into the right channel of a DAW. The performance of this sound is controlled through modifying the potentiometer values that control the moment in the simulation of the differential equation and the compute time of the circuit. The droning of the piece is created through further digital slowing of the analog computer’s cycle [compute time control essentially creates a pulse width modulation, but with a limited range which I extended through use of the DAW.
The piece itself feels reminiscent of the wormhole initially simulated on the GP-6. It is a spiral that you continue falling into that is being constructed from the sounds of the aging electronic wasteland.

VavNet Installation 21
An installation work that is a continuation of the artist Duo VavNet’s installation experiences combining elements of video and sonic projections with woven sculptures that take on architectural qualities. In this installment, the lines of several variations of the video will be projected to play upon the woven element, while the harmonics of the droning sound play about the modified space occasionally resonating the weaving’s materials.

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Vav Vavrek was born in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania and grew up in the the shadows of the rusting smokestacks of Pittsburgh. A slight brain malfunction caused him to ride screaming into the wind on a faded steel horse until he lost his voice in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2011 Vav violently dug up his roots and tried to cultivate a new existence in the smog belt of the city of angels. The decade long drought in California caused him to cross the continent again in 2016. Vav now shares his artistic ailment at Alfred State College as a teaching technician for the Digital Media & Animation department and the University at Buffalo as a PhD student.

Artist Location: Almond, NY

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