Conchi Sanford

Conchi Sanford


Winds of Change
The area of Angels Gate has high consistent winds at certain times of the day. Because of this I have created a piece that will work with the wind, creating sound all day then glow at night as it continues to create sound.
Most of my work is made of poured resin (see image1). When I decommission a piece of art, I do not throw it away. I take it apart and pack up by color into storage bins to be used at a later date. Well that time has come.
My proposed project will consist of stringing together these pieces of resin which are approximately the size of an 8″ plate and for most of them, they are somewhat flat. As the wind hits them, they will flap against each other like dominos in the wind and make sound above the participants. In the evening, they will glow in the dark because they have been covered with a glow in the dark resin that has spent the whole day absorbing the sun.

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Artist, Curator, Professor of Art and Art History, Conchi Sanford is a first-generation American, who was raised on a Panama Air Force Base, in the U.S. and Madrid.
Conchi Sanford has experienced art on many levels.
She is now an Adjunct Professor at Crafton Hills College and Mt. San Jacinto College, teaching an array of Studio Art and Art History courses. In addition to being a professor, an active artist showing her work, she also curates shows at different venues in the greater LA area.

Artist Location: Chino, CA

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