Gordon Fung

Gordon Fung and Ernest Strauhal


Gordon Fung (solo)

Soundscapes [audio tracks] On-site and online June 4th

momentumCompressed01 & momentumCompressed02
it is a harsh noise wall piece made by transmuting compressed video recordings

triptych to clear light ii

I create highly kaleidoscopic visuals to open up a new reality where viewers can freely navigate . I took footage from the city and processed them heavily. I attempt to capture and replicate the psychedelic experience and visions that would otherwise be unperceivable at an ordinary conscious level. Instead of using traditional form of film narrative and montage, I draw reference from composition to create flows and structure.

Gordon Fung and Ernest Strauhal

ACE [Artist Curated Events]

stream of (un)consciousness (audiovisual performance)

Mount Shasta’s heavy association with spirituality draws us to investigate its landscape and soundscape both artistically and philosophically. We collect footage and field recordings around Shasta-Trinity National Forest. We transform materials gathered to create a dialogue between the natural and digital realm. Our performance explores and maximizes the possibility of environmental sound, hence expanding listening modes. The soundscape provides us a source to navigate between ambiance and noise; while the footage, through heavy distortion and glitching, opens up an altered reality for viewers to probe into. The visual is done through the misuse and overloading of software to create glitches. Such an experimental approach opens up a new way of perception for viewers.

A four-channel audiovisual installation version of this project is on view at Root Division Gallery, San Francisco from 11/2 to 11/30—as part of the show “you can hear the wind from under the floorboards” curated by Katherine Hamilton and Shaelyn Hanes.

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Gordon Fung (b. 1988, San Francisco) is a transdisciplinary artist who works across various fields, including: installation, sound art, video art, multi-/ new media, digital art, assemblage, experimental and conceptual arts, etc. His works highlight the use of unconventional executions like noises, lo-fi presentations, and glitches. Such aesthetic confronts the viewers’s existing understanding, perspective, and point of views through a more philosophical investigation. As inspired by his esoteric studies and Jungian psychology, he pays extra attention on unearthing historical, spiritual, and philosophical subtleties and connections in lives.

Ernest Strauhal‘s sound draws references from the environment, he incorporates sounds such as birds chirping, ambulance sirens, wind sounds, and samples downloaded from random places in his works. He sculpts ambient and abrasive soundscapes to open up new ways of listening.

Artist Location: Chicago, Illinois (from San Francisco, CA and Sacramento, CA)

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