Peter Christenson

Peter Christenson


Earmaginations [silent videos] On-site and online June 4th

F40.298 Opus Foramina # 27

Artist and former psychotherapist Peter Christenson captures sound and video from holes dug across WA state, seeking prognoses for his ailing client, Earth.

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Peter Christenson is a conceptual artist working across emergent and antiquated media, psycho-social sculpture, and immersive installation. For the past decade, he has made art under the moniker PSYCHOLOGARTIST, classifying creative projects with a specific diagnostic code from the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders,” a widely accepted instrument for psychiatric diagnosis. Christenson is the recipient of a US-UK Fulbright Scholar Award in Art & Design and the Governor’s Arts & Heritage Young Arts Leader Award for the state of Washington. He currently lives and works in Seattle, WA.

Artist Location: Seattle, WA

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