Andre Perim


Soundscapes [audio tracks] On-site June 3rd and online June 11th

Ohm Drone is a sound work where the human voice is desconstructed and reshaped throughout a synthesizer.

Deus ex machina is a collage of urban and household sounds inspired by the concrete music and noise culture.
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Earmaginations [silent videos] On-site June 3rd and online June 11th


Mofo/Mold is a video art work that proposes a dialog between the analog and digital worlds. Photos taken from a fungii infected magazine were captured in several ways, using digital microscopic and macro-lens photography and reprocesssed digitally until their origina shape were damaged , giving way to new graphisms and connections. The result leds to an abstract and surrealist atmosphere.



Skin is a poetic journey through graphic textures of diferents plants and trees skins .The work makes an imaginary relation between the the human musculature and the surfaces found in the vegetal kingdom.

ACE [Artist Curated Events]

Video presentation Online October 29
Sound Improvisation for Melting Ice

The work is based in a video recording of a melting ice made through a digital microscope.
The sound track was made with virtual synthesizers operated by knobs and a prepared piano reprocessed through granular synthesis.

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Andre Perim is a Multimedia Artist, Musician and Composer. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, his work is focused in a critical view of the relation between technology and language in the digital era.
In 2017 released “Side Effects” produced for the internet during a long period inside a hospital due to a cancer disease treatment. In 2022 “Side Effects” became a radio show broadcasted by RTM FM in London. In 2020 produced “XAM”, dedicated to the indigenous Brazilian people, and broadcasted at The Climate Change Conference COP 26 (2021) in Glasgow (Scotland).
His work was presented in several festivals Around the world such as Soundpedro (USA), Ecos Urbanos (Mexico) and FILE SP (Brazil).

Artist Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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