Brandon Bollinger


On-site Event June 3rd

doppelgangers will be an installation piece using old TV boxes and camcorders to play a live feed of the viewer on the screens. The monitors will be placed at head height with the cameras positioned to get the viewers face centered on the screen the TVs will also have microphones on them connected to a karaoke machine playing back the viewers voice with reverb and other voice modulating effects. The Doppelgangers provide a digital reflection of the viewer and look at the audience as they are being looked at.

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Brandon Bollinger or “Bo Bollinger” is an Orange County based artist. He has experience in sculpture, graphic design, photography, video, and painting. Found sculpture is his preferred media, recycling materials as well as ideas motivate much of his work. The limitations of the materials inspire creative solutions and ideas. He often revisits the same idea in a variety of media by photographing or painting the sculptures He’s made in different ways.

Artist Location: Yorba Linda, CA

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