Dylan Ricards

Dylan Ricards


On-site Event June 3rd

Future Fetish 
I have a friend who schedules an hour in their day, every day around 5, to cuddle with their cat. They don’t take calls, or do phone shit, or anything else. It’s a ritual.

A plastiglomerate boulder is counterweighted with a television, tyed in shibari knots, playing video content. Power is needed for the television and media. I’d love to suspend the counterweighted objects from an existing overhang as a way to to tie the work into the site. If this is not possible, I can provide an armature.

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Dylan explores the fetishization of material through a critical lense that orbits concepts such as the body, the sacred, appropriation, and the fallacy in monuments. He lives in Long Beach.
Dylan Ricards is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Long Beach, CA. His work explores the alchemic slippage between organic and inorganic materials through a post-humanistic lens.

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