Matt LeVeque


On-site Event June 3rd

chorus for one is a sound performance piece in which 6 Honeytone mini-amps and 6 contact microphones are affixed to, respectively, the torso and hands of the performer. Using arm, hand, and upper body gestures, the performer produces sound via multiple high-pitched feedback loops between the microphones and amps.
The body is therefore transformed into a sound sculpture, with the amps strapped to a harness resembling BDSM gear and the contact mics taped to the fingers like cybernetic claws. Because of this, the piece navigates intimacy and sexual physicality through the filter of technological boundaries and restrictions.
While the feedback system might be compared to an instrument, the piece privileges visual gesture and sculptural architecture over any discernible musical logic. 

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Matt LeVeque (he/they) is a percussionist, composer, and improviser based in Los Angeles. Their work, in all its forms, takes as its main goal the examination of queer relationality and radical intimacy. They are currently pursuing doctoral studies at CalArts with Tim Feeney and Michael Pisaro-Liu.

Artist Location: North Hollywood, CA

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