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Video presentation Online October 29
and the home of the [placeholder] is a series of //sense’s experimental community theater works that explores the meaning of home through actions, performances, new media, technologies, and beyond.

“Placeholder” denotes a temporary state of unknown. It holds a value that is yet to be input, gathered, and defined. //sense, despite being a Chicago-based collective, houses members from all over the country and the globe. As newcomers, we explore the value and meaning of “home” together as it holds a special place in our hearts. To celebrate our diverse cultural experiences, we devise performance modules that reflect our upbringing and encounters. We explore how our diverse backgrounds and expertise create a harmonious space for us to co-exist simultaneously.

“Home” holds different meanings to us, and through our large-scale new media installation, performance arts, and actions, we create a superimposed state of a temporary “homecoming” and the generation of a new “home.” Opening the door of our “temporary new home” to the public, we invite participation and interactions. Participants and audiences are welcome to “knock” these portals and “seek” their individual paths, stories, and narratives that we create to their liking. No matter which journey they pursue in our theater, this new “home” is leading us to heal collective trauma, revisit memories, and make a good community better through arts.

This event showcased on 8/25/23 at Comfort Station, Chicago. We will present a complete video edit for soundpedro’s ACE.

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//sense is an experimental time-based artist collective that features new media, technologies, performance, video, sound, installation, and beyond. It focuses on experimental theater production through large-scale collaborations. As a safe space for experimental expressions, this troupe develops synergy through unleashing concealed potentials that would otherwise be unachievable in solo practice. By fostering a common ground to practice and cultivate collectivism, individual expertise transcends into a collective experience.

Artist Location: Chicago, IL

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