Tim Maxeiner

Tim Maxeiner



Gallery show, May 13 – June 17:
Blue Noise, 2023
I just started my research into “Blue Noise”. The benefits (better sleep for example) of it’s close companion “White Noise” (a noise that contains all frequencies across the spectrum of audible sound in equal measure) has been researched by scientists for many years. This video-sculpture documents my first steps into the “Blue Noise” deep down in a Pacific Ocean cave.

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Tim Maxeiner (b.1986) worked in the documentary field for television and print media before developing an art practice. He creates illuminated objects, assemblages and kinetic sculptures from discarded materials which are his primary medium. Tim publishes books and print ephemera under the labels Spätzlehaus and JA!Nein. Frequently the publications accompany his artworks. Tim was born in Augsburg, Germany. He now lives in San Pedro, California. His deep dive into art started here where he works in his Angels Gate Cultural Center studio.

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