Costantino Rizzuti


soundscapes On-site June 1st and online June 9th

SNR is the acronym for Signal to Noise Ratio which in electronics and engineering is a numerical quantity that relates the power of the useful signal to that of the noise in any information processing system. SNR is a series of acousmatic compositions that explore the relationship between sound and noise in the context of electronic composition and according to our way of orienting listening in the presence of sound forms structured not following a musical logic, but evoking artificial soundscapes and organized sounds. SNR II was born from the manipulation of analogue musical materials recorded on cassettes starting from an experimental musical instrument made with three strings stretched on a piece of wood and a piezoelectric disc as a contact microphone. The other sounds, wind instruments and percussion, dialogue with the sound of the strings to create pre-musical sound events based on the exploration of ancestral forms of gestures and sonic behaviors.

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Costantino Rizzuti is a composer and sound artist. He is author of pieces of acousmatic music and live electronics, sound and audio-visual installations and live performances presented in national and international conferences, festivals and exhibitions. He graduated at Conservatory S. Giacomantonio in Cosenza in Electronic Music. In June 2012, He won the IX edition of the national award for conservatory students “Premio delle Arti”, section Music and new technologies with the composition Advaita, for flute and live electronics. He is the founder of Artis Lab an electronic music studio in Cosenza devoted to the design and construction of new experimental electronic musical instruments.

Artist Location: Cosenza, Italy

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