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Gallery Show, April 27 – June 1, 2024:
Artwork / SoundWalk Listening Station installation
A Synesthesia of Sound and Sight: This series of paintings explores the transformative power of music, translating its emotional resonance and intricate structures into visual landscapes. Inspired by a diverse range of musical styles, from the infectious energy of pop to the soaring melodies of classical, these works function as “soundscapes,” capturing the essence of music through visual elements.

Process: Each piece begins with a deep immersion into a specific musical selection. I actively listen, focusing not just on the melody but also on the interplay of instruments, the dynamics of the composition, and the overall emotional arc. This immersive experience becomes the foundation for my visual translation.

Visual Representation: Brushstrokes mimic the rhythm and texture of the music. Color palettes evoke specific moods or genres – vibrant hues contrasting with rich earth tones. Shapes and lines echo the structure and flow of the music, creating visual representations of crescendos, decrescendos, and intricate harmonies.

The Video Installation: The video processing of my paintings by Sheri Ki Sun (FLOOD) adds another layer of interpretation. The dynamic interplay of visuals and sound invites viewers to experience a unique form of synesthesia, where the two artistic mediums intertwine and reinforce each other. As the paintings shift and flow on screen, the accompanying sounds create a heightened sensory experience.

Overall Goal: Through this multi-layered approach, the is aim to bridge the gap between the aural and the visual, inviting viewers to see sound. My hope is to spark a deeper appreciation for the diverse ways in which art can evoke emotion and inspire imaginative connections

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Jeremy Davidson is an educator and artist whose work is a reflection of his deep connection to the natural world. Inspired by the ever-changing beauty of the environment, Jeremy’s paintings capture the ethereal qualities of the atmosphere, the vibrant colors of the sky, and the intricate shapes of plants. His art seeks to evoke a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world around us, inviting viewers to pause and contemplate the beauty of their surroundings.

Artist Location: Monterey, CA

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