Steve Ashby

steve ashby


soundscapes On-site June 1st and online June 9th

a not so distant past reinterprets color scale data of video sources as control sources for sound creation via note selection, amplitude modulation, and other parameters. The work captures the sonic unfolding of time represented in the visual while simultaneously giving voice to the visual stimulus. Through its generative nature, “A not so distant past” will provide different realizations depending of the chosen video sources and the respective mapping of parameters to sound modules. At present, this is a stereo work that I am interested in developing further into a multi-channel realization.

a not so distant past
collected frame by frame
brushing off the dust
prior to memory’s revision
a transfer from past to present
with all its kinks and curves

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Steve Ashby is a musician, composer, and sound artist based in the United States.

Ashby work focuses on sound found in the natural and digital world to discover places of intersection which engage in the art of listening. Recent performances and residencies include ICMC 2022, Soundpedro, Moxsonic, EMS Stockholm Guest Composer Series, Radiophrenia Scotland, Cube Fest at Virginia Tech, New Music Gathering, Sound Arts Richmond, and the NYC Electroacoustic Music Festival.

Artist Location: Charlottesville, VA

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