Air States II

Air States is an audio and visual collection curated by Los Angeles sound artist Pablo Perez of sonic explorations celebrating errors, brokenness, and recycled audio artifacts. Five artists were selected to submit their own interpretation of brokeninty recontextualized into compositional sound epiphanies enhanced by video accompaniments.

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA


On-site Event June 3rd

Air States II
“Air States II” curated by Pablo Perez for the 2023 soundpedro event will showcase experimental artists challenging sound norms across genres like noise, ambient, and modular music. The theme challenges traditional sound-mistake relationships. Expect an atmosphere of exploration and experimentation, immersive visuals and diverse artists. Air States II aims to create a space for sound experimentation and exploration, promising a unique and unforgettable experience.

Artists Performing:

Pablo Perez
I am in a deteriorating relationship with control, perfection and validation. This work honors the gravitational pull to errors, noise, nonsense, and the creation-destruction lifecycle. It is an exercise in contradiction. It is a document of me succeeding at my own failures and insecurities. It is the new beauty. It is I and I is it.

Theo Rasmussen
Sometimes we receive information from non-physical spaces and energy. Most of the time however these messages are not perceived in their entirety, or with true clarity; this leads to the creation of multiple paths. Do we follow the path, or create it? I’m utilizing preserved sound artifacts as well as granulation, time dilation, and patterned waveforming to imbue the listener with extrasensory perception.

Naomi Mitchell
Naomi Mitchell is an LA-based artist and musician whose work focuses on rhythm, feedback, chaos, and controlled randomness. She makes modular synthesizers as omiindustriies and records music as Panic Hardware.

Vortal Curb
Stochastic hallucinations via home brewed binary logic networks and biological system failure / gutter cybernetics

Mike Dobler
Mike Dobler explores semantic satiation through delicately-tuned wave interference to simulate a seance of clinical machinery.

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