Alea Olivas + Llyn Stransky

After building a 10×5 ft. vagina dentata together, both Llyn and Alea agreed that working together is a joy and have continued to add multiple dimensions to their initial concepts surrounding the doom of the world and the ability of the collective. Llyn is a conceptual artist whose work explores identity and agency in the age of the apocalypse in mediums ranging from oil painting to installation, while Alea’s vice is reconciling the arts, sciences, and movement through living in performance. Together, they explore these ideas as they navigate our collective existential crisis. Their work is both serious and playful, campy and refined.

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2020:
Celestial Limbo

Celestial Limbo is a surround sound experience wherein the viewer is transported through four channels of audio, each representing either air, fire, water, or earth; these channels collect together in the middle as aether. The work is composed of two key elements: the four-channel soundscape and a labyrinth structure.

The audio tracks will be recorded as oral meditations by both artists. The labyrinth structure is primarily composed of fabric. The labyrinth walls are built from in-ground poles/fence posts connected by clotheslines with dark fabric draped over them. The fabric is secured to the ground with tent stakes to create walls. Viewers will weave through this dark maze, primarily relying on the senses of sound and touch to guide them to the center of the work. Only the center of the work – the nexus of the work – is illuminated. Enveloped by the four channels, the viewer is caught in a purgatory of sound. The labyrinth includes an exit directly from the center area.

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