Anna Ursyn and Stuart Smith

Anna Ursyn and Stuart Smith collaborate on combining programming with software and media. Stu Smith is a musician, artist and a coder, exhibiting his art internationally. Ursyn had art in SIGGRAPH Art Galleries, and travelling shows, Louvre, Paris, NTT Museum in Tokyo and Virtual Media Network. Her work was selected to be send to the Moon by NASA as MoonArc Project by Carnegie Melon University and shows:Centre Pompidou, Paris. Her work in ABAD is in permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art MOMA in New York City, and at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA.

Artist Location: Colorado / Massachussets

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Interactive Concerto Interactive Website

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This is an accidental ensemble made by the inhabitants of a building. All of them happen to be musicians. They all noticed that they do lots of practicing on their own respective instruments, and they coincidentally share similar schedules. After making this discovery they agreed to practice together, thus creating unpredictable music. It was not improvising, but rather counting on a passerby to play an orchestra conductor for them. It worked, and since then, the building was never the same. Click on any musicians to start a performance.

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