Augmented Medium

Augmented Medium is a collection of twisted music and art projects from the convoluted mind of Connor James Francis Xavier Hanlon. With a guitar, piano, Tibetan singing bowls, drum machines, autoharp, his trusty Korg Minilogue, and his immaculate voice, Connor can be heard making ululations across the fair city of Los Angeles. Recently he has taken up the mantle of artist, interested in exploring augmented reality, splatter paint, and other forms. Connor is excited to be part of soundpedro for the second time, after completing a series of augmented reality videos for soundpedro 2020. 

In Media Vita Morte Sumus

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA


Virtual Breakout During the Outbreak June 6th Livestream

Virtual BreakOut During the OutBreak Videos [VBODOBV] III




This piece is an attempt to unify the message of several sacred texts aurally to show their unified message throughout time and space. 

I have pulled text from early Christan plainchant, the Islamic Creed, Buhdist Mantras, the Satanist creed, The Book of Genesis, and some choice words from Shakespeare concerning death. The piece opens with the ringing of a bell, the universal call for prayer. I then begin by layering the individual texts with my voice. My voice is processed with a vocoder to create a sense of uniformity. I then let out my voice in song without the vocoder to emphasize the sacred, like the river hitting a rock in the stream. Interlain with the performance video is a visualization of these voices, each voice is given its own color and all of these colors ultimately blend together in a constantly building stream. Ultimately when the chorus is at its absolute peak all the voices are pitched down and ultimately brought to a point where they fade away as the bell rings, releasing the pilgrims from their trance.

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2020:

What are the sounds you wish to destroy and what reverberations do you wish to save?

This question will be answered with augmented reality, plain chant, live visualizations of audio, Tarot, a heavily affected vocoder, and other art forms in three stages: 

Sanctification: Using a Kaoss Pad, Electro Harmonix V256 Vocoder, and a midi keyboard I will create a unique performance of “Media Vita” by the composer Michael McGlynn. For 15-20 minutes I will loop the vocalizations of 8 different sacred texts into one composition. My vocalizations will be visualized through the audio visualizer program Magic behind me.

Mediation: I will ask two questions of interested festival goers. I will use Tarot, when applicable, to help guide myself and “the mediated” to answer these questions:
Q1: What is a sound you wish to remove from your life? Action: The mediated will vocalize this sound into an old guitar at stage right and write this sound on the guitar.
Q2: What is a sound you wish to keep in your life? Action: The mediated will speak this sound into my vocoder/Kaoss pad at stage left and add a new layer to the composition from “Sanctification”.
Each “mediated” participant will get a card based on the four elements that can be activated as an augmented reality video. 

Salvation: I will lead an exploration of fear through vocalization and movement. At the height of this exercise we will scream into the night and destroy our ritual scapegoat, the guitar from the “Sanctification”.

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