Benjamin Scharf

Benjamin Scharf is a musician and visual artist based in Long Beach, CA. His explorative and experimental nature has led him to create in a variety of mediums. Drawing upon inspiration from the natural world and inquisitive personal reflection, Benjamin aims to evoke through his artwork sensorial and introspective experiences.

Artist Location: Long Beach, CA


On-site Event June 3rd

Root Chord
Crop-up Installation:
Root Chord is a soundwork that allows a living plant to be heard through sound via its generation of electricity/energy~tiny fluctuations in surface conductance of the plant stimulate and modulate sound devices. It is my intention through this installation to facilitate a new and exciting connection between humans and nature. When we think about plant life we recognize it’s alive~if it’s watered correctly, receives proper light and nutrients it grows… and perhaps for many of us the story ends there. Though within the roots, leaves, branches, tendrils and flowers of all plants there exists the very same energy that flows through you and I… an energy produced by all living organisms that is the electric pulse of life. In my optimism I hope that in hearing something beyond the surface we may find ourselves looking to the natural world and connecting in deeper and more empathic ways.

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