Chad Leaf

Chad Leaf is a Redondo Beach based musician and sound artist. He is best known for his work in the South Bay Rock outfit Modern Color with whom he has toured Europe, UK, Japan, and North America numerous times. When home from touring, he creates experimental music employing techniques such as field recording, feedback drones, tape loops, digital sound collage.

Artist Location: Redondo Beach, CA


Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2020:
The Fountain

“The Fountain” is intended to be a self-contained sound-generating installation piece. The object in this installation is a home-constructed fountain through which water flows and generates electrical sound via contact microphones. The amplified sound is split between two channels and two separate amplifiers to fill the space in which it occupies. The intention is to immerse listeners in a self- generating ambient/drone piece as it wavers and progresses over time.

I will assemble a water fountain that will flow continuously while creating electric signal via contact microphones. The signals from the fountain will be routed into 2 separate mixer channels and then amplified through 2 small speakers. Signals may be manipulated through ongoing digital looping and possibly digital effects (reverb, delay).

I’m considering adding chairs to the room in order to encourage listeners to sit and engage the piece and experience the nuance and development in the sound’s life cycle.

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