Connor James Hanlon

In the 2nd grade at his first music lesson, Connor butted in front of all the other kids at his dorky Catholic school and demanded to sing in front of everyone else. From that point Connor has not stopped being a passionate musician and artist. 

Connor has worked as a Ringer for the Santa Barbara Symphony, has produced his own music on all streaming services, and sang in the many dark corners of Los Angeles. He has two loft hiphop and electronica EPs out on all streaming services.

Connor has participated in Sound Pedro for the past 2 years, creating works that challenging the audience’s perspective of the physical and spiritual worlds.

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA

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soundpedro 2021 participation: TBA

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2021:
Folding in on Ourselves
I have been collecting snippets, phrases, feelings, from news articles relating to the 1918 Spanish Influenza pandemic from the library of congress and from family records. This “information” will be contrasted by snippets of news articles from the present day, and interviews with present day humans about how they feel about this pandemic. 

I plan on taking all of these snippets and recording short 10-20 second snippets with the help of my friends and lovers. There will be as little information as possible to identify when the snippet was to take place. When two snippets from either time are witnessed, one after the other, it will feel as if they are both occurring at the same time, when in fact they were written 100 years apart. 

This information will be presented outdoors. I will draw a “Labyrinth” with a humble field striper (usually used at baseball fields, stripping will fade away). Based on the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth, my labyrinth will be a tool for the audience to take in this information. I will set up 4 speakers, one at each corner of the labyrinth. All of the audio will be fed into my computer and each individual speaker will play back the recordings at a random interval generated live. 

The audience will enter the labyrinth, taking in the information at each speaker, each person with a unique experience driven by random variables. The audience will not be told that the information comes from both the current and past pandemic, until the end.

It’s all in Your Head: Sharing Perception

A triangle will be drawn in a small room or outdoor space. 

In the center of the triangle will be a small circular table. This table will contain a Korg Minilouge synthesiser connected to a small guitar amp. Minilouge will be in duophonic mode with D1 and D2 keys taped down, the sequencer will be used to change timbre over time. This drone will provide a tonic for other sounds to play off of, the drone will provide depth but will not overpower the scenes. The Minilouge will be play the entirety of the event, and be allowed to slowly detune as it is analogue. 

At each corner of the triangle will be a canvas. Each canvas will contain a still from a looping animation that is hosted on the Artivive.

On the table will lie a cellular phone in a case. This cellular phone will be connected via bluetooth to my computer which is outside of the triangle. A computer will be connected to an audio interface that will be connected to a mixer which will be connected to my studio speakers which will also be outside the triangle. The phone will only be able to access the Artivive app, and will remain on during the entirety of the festival. 

A participant enters the triangle and picks up the phone. When the participant points the phone (with Artivive app) at the canvas, the canvas will come alive with movement, color, and sound. Sounds will play off of the bass drone, that one will be incomplete without the other. 

Three Canvas Themes; Perception of the world with:
Hate / Fear / Violence
Indifference / Apathy / Atrophy
Acceptance / Creation / Synthesis

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