Cruel Diagonals

Megan Mitchell composes unsettling, ethereal music under the alias, Cruel Diagonals. A jazz and classically trained vocalist, Mitchell performs and creates in numerous capacities. Some of her current endeavors include acting as proprietor of the left-field music index for non-male composers, Many Many Women, and researching, visiting and documenting places of abandoned industry with her field recorder and camera in tow. Mitchell has released albums with Drawing Room Records and Longform Editions, which have been met with critical acclaim.

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Angels Gate Generates Itself

“Angels Gate Generates Itself” is a sound art piece drawing from field recordings culled from the Angels Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro, CA by multimedia artist, Cruel Diagonals (A.K.A. Megan Mitchell). Field recordings are triggered by a self-generating patch on a Eurorack synthesizer, with various parameters controlled and impacted by motion sensors. The motion sensors send controlled voltage signals to the synthesizer and react to proximity, movement, and different textures. Objects of varying consistencies and reflectiveness are provided as interactive elements to the piece, where audience members may experiment with the impact of these objects on the motion sensor-controlled sonic parameters. Influenced by other field recordists and sound artists, such as Pauline Oliveros, Luc Ferrari, Alvin Lucier and Pamela Z, this work aims to enable a site-specific composition to unfold, drawing both from field recordings made at Angels Gate itself, as well as the participation and interaction of the audience there.

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