daria baiocchi

Daria achieved an MA in piano, an MA in classical composition and an MA in electronic music. She earned her degree in Classical Literature from the University of Bologna (Italy). Daria is the Director of the Sound Art Museum Online in Ascoli Piceno and, as volunteer, the Artistic Director and speaker on the radio program “Classical Music and…”, in FM in central-east of Italy, which explores new performers, contemporary composers and sound designers/sound artists.

Artist Location: Aascoli Piceno, Italy


Audioscapes On-site June 3rd and online June 11th

— Dedicated to Alan Turing and all genius minds who saved lives —
Alan Turing had a brilliant mind who changed history. This guy was not like everyone else, because he lived off mathematics.This piece has been organized in three main sections: A-B-A’ with two rythmical bridges between B and A’. During the sound manipulation I created soundscapes that belong to mechanical analogic noises and, referring to the context of the war in which Turing operated, of planes and pilots’ voices. The central rhythmic part intends to re-propose the birth of the computer. This piece is in Googlemaps in Bletchley Park, well known as X Station,where Turing was working. 

The creative idea for this piece comes from the word “Plasma” that is often called the “Fourth State of Matter”. Plasma is a distinct state of matter containing a significant number of electrically charged particles, a sufficient number to affect its electrical properties and behavior. Plasma also refers to the liquid component of blood that holds the blood cells in suspension. Energy, thunder and blood inspired my composition process.

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