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David.Hedden has years of experience designing and developing a wide array of projects ranging from kid’s toys and consumer products, medical devices and life support systems, interactive art installations, advanced urban agriculture, 3D printing technology, as well as large scale automation systems at the major Ports of California. He fuses technical knowledge merged with hands-on ability and out-of-the-box design-thinking to provide practical problem solving strategies. He is extremely creative and a great visual communicator who teaching a variety of subjects. He is an avid supporter of community empowerment, sustainable practices, and forward thinking technology.

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The Box of Boom is a 7ft tall robotic drum-machine/boombox that plays analog beats via digital inputs. The boombox inspired cage holds two full drum sets and additional percussion instruments that are played by guests via an arcade button input console. The system is programmed via Arduino and allows for a variety of beats to be created by turning on and off various drums and sequences or freestyling your own beat samples. The installation was originally built for the Music Tastes Good Festival in Long Beach, CA in Sept. 2017. Also inside the machine is a oversized disco ball, LED sound reactive lights, fog machine, and at least one cowbell. The footprint of the machine is 4’x9′ and just requires basic 120v power.


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