Devin Sarno

Devin Sarno

Over three decades, Devin Sarno has cultivated an esteemed position in the Los Angeles underground. Beginning with his dalliances in the fertile experimentation of mid-80’s SST Records bands (including providing lyrics for Saccharine Trust) and onto his ruminative ventures into high-frequency noise and low- end facing drone under the CRIB alias and his own name, Sarno’s prodigious itinerary of critically-lauded solo and collaborative ventures reveal an experimental ear with an unremitting dedication to his craft.

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Performance October 29
at Torrance Art Museum’s Nomad II

Thru the use of varied sound devices and field recordings both statically embedded in a given environment and also physically coaxed thru movement, the intent is to provide an undulating aural experience that plays upon the contrasts of distance and intimacy within the listening process.

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