Elouise Walker

Elouise Walker

Elouise Walker is an American visual and recording artist whose work has appeared in Graphis, Communication Arts, Print, The Smithsonian and The Los Angeles Times. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design from the Art Center School of Design and has served as the Art Director for Universal Music and A&M Records, creating identity projects for the Grammy Awards and working as a package designer and photographer for numerous artists’ album projects. She is the Founding Director of Blue Milagro, a non-profit organization that facilitates urban art and cultural education. As recording artist Elouise she has created a dark cinematic sub genre of Bluegrass called “Blackgrass”. A musical experiment that deconstruct and re-imagine songs from our collective Americana consciousness.


In her piece, Moral Code, morse code is used as an alternative to synthesized speech for sending automated data. It is a communication method used for messages of immediacy and necessity. It is used as last resort. In this film, Morse code translates significant moral speech that has defined the moral code of our country for the last 50 years. Reverberating over landscapes at the edge of the electronic urban grid. Sound waves passing over our time continuum that spans past, present and future. A last resort, a desperate attempt to communicate the immediacy and importance of the message without distraction. Is anyone still listening?

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