Ilias Liosatos started by studying materials’ science and his passion for the sound led him to work with a stringed instruments’ maker. Since then he immersed himself to that abstract feeling of controlling each step of a sound object
manufacturing. Indeed the control of such a process is limited to “abstract” which ever since has its unique contribution in his sound projects. Today I’m still fascinated by this approach, which seeks to strike a balance between the concreteness of science and the “free will” of sound objects, whether analog or digital.

Artist Location: Greece – France

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UnƧightly [Sound Poetry]

A phoneme is the basic element of the majority of the languages all around the world. What are the vocal limits and their relation to the geographical boundaries? Hearing them is like hearing our roots and how much these are connected throughout the history. Exploring them could emerge our imagination of their future sound or form. Even more by associating them to the sounds around us, whether they are born from humans, animals, objects or everything else than can produce them. This piece is a first attempt to experiment and to experience the world of phonetics. I like to see it as an evolutionary sound poem.

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