Born in Toulouse in 1991, sound artist and social scientist. In my artistic practice, I associate sound recording and music, in order to give life to philosophical and sociological questions. Experimentations like scientific and artistic process. I produce sound creations mixing sound recordings, musical compositions and radio fictions. I am a sound performer in the radio theater – LeCri – and in the Collective IRMA, improvisations and researches for the Acousmatic Massage. I have participated in other musical projects: keyboardist and chorister for Cam Wiked, chorister for Initials Bouviers-Bernois and Habile Bill.

Artist Location: Brussels, Belgium

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ACE [Artist Curated Events]

Audio presentation Online October 28:
Black Bird, 24 min 30
Testimonies, field recordings, instrumental music and voices. Garance Navarro-Ugé (Ingetrapt).

A group of artists from all over Europe came together for the artistic residency. A blackbird living on this territory immediately introduced itself to the group, singing loudly, fluttering close by, occupying most of the sound space. The piece recounts the possibility of an encounter between humans and birds, the inter- species relationships that emerge, the possibility of friendship, politeness and respect between a group of humans and a bird.

The piece focuses on the sounds of a particular place. The aim is to oscillate between musical work and testimonies, to find the balance between joy, hope and anguish, particularly in relation to ecological issues, and to question the place of the artist with these issues.

Produced and performed live – 2023 Bohemia Farm Studio creative residency (Vysoka, Cz).

UnƧightly [Sound Poetry]

A palimpsest is something reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form. Here it’s a palimpsest of sound : delayed, distorted and superimposed voices, with pitched organ.

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